Frequently Asked Questions

Do you undertake insurance work?


Do I need Council Approval?

Yes ... upon acceptance of a CPE quotation, we can provide a Tree Assessment report for Council if required.

Do I have to be there for the quotation / tree works?

No ... providing we have approval to enter your property and unrestricted access to the site, quotations may be left on premises, faxed, emailed, mailed at your request and tree work can be undertaken.

How do I pay for the tree work?

Upon completion of the works, an invoice will be sent to your mailing address. Payment on the day by cheque or cash to the site foreman is also available. We accept Cash, cheque or EFT payments.

Can I have a quotation done over the phone or by email, site unseen?

No ... we need to positively identify the tree and its location in relation to buildings, services, underground services, sheds, pools etc to ensure an accurate quotation.

Can I see relevant qualifications and insurances?

Yes ... Our staff are able to provide visual evidence of all accreditations and insurance upon request.